Fall 2005 Program

The first undergraduate class (051) occurred from August 21 to October 30, 2005. Students trained at the Friday Harbor Laboratories for 5 weeks through interactions with the people who research and work with the southern resident orcas. They spent a second 5 weeks observing the whales and their environment aboard a 42' sailing catamaran. They took home a rigorous scientific experience and 18 science credits from the University of Washington.

The first class of Beam Reach students developed individual research projects that built upon recent successes in pin-pointing orcas when they make sounds underwater. They deployed hydrophones and active sonar from docks, beaches, and boats. They explored sustainable technologies and practices -- from burning biodiesel to broadcasting whale calls -- that can mitigate acoustic impacts on the orca population.

Syllabus (Word format)
Student Field Guide (Fall, 2005)
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  Scientific results and recollections

Papers (0.2-2Mb), presentations (1.5-17Mb, some with sounds), and blogbooks:
Celia BarrosoKiller Whale Vocal Response to Vessel Traffic
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook
Brett BeckerMapping the Southern Residents' Acoustic Habitat
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook
Laura ChristofersonDiurnal Acoustic Activity of Southern Resident Killer Whales in the Salish Sea
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook
Courtney KneippKiller Whale Calf Vocalization Development: Understanding Cultural Transmission Through Acoustics
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook
Nicole LeeCorrelation between vocalization and breaching
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook
Wilfredo SantiagoEcholocation and strategy used by Southern Resident Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) during foraging
Paper | Presentation | Blogbook

Visiting scientists:
Rachael Griffin's blogbook
Rachael's photos I: Students aboard M3 vessel with Rachael
Rachael's photos II: Rachael sails with Beam Reach for 1 week