Initial 5 burning questions

  1. Are there any acoustical patterns while SRKW forage? If so, is there a difference in communication/physical behavior when competition is in the area (within 500 meters)? Or when prey abundance is large or small?

  2. Is there a difference in feeding behavior (defined by echolocating and behavior?) and/or surface behavior when low or high amount of boats are in the area of surfacing whales in the Salish Sea? (acoustical limits/boundary?)

  3. Is there a relationship between age and spacing when SRKW travel together?

  4. How are sounds produced by Norwegian killer whales, Orcinus orca,during capture different than SRKW that are being whale-watched?

  5. Is there a relationship between whale watching traffic and seasonal direction of the pods? Is there a relationship between whale watching traffic, orca funding, ecotourism and population numbers of J,K,L? Is there a behavioural response of killer whales (Orcinus orca) to whale-watching boats difference between northern and southern residents?

Final 5 burning questions