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Hi Everyone! This is my first blog at the start of week 4, terrible I know! So I’ll introduce myself; my names is Ashleigh, and I’m an Aussie (No Sam we don’t know why the aussie is pronounced auzzie). I’ve been pronounced the “girlgy girl” of the group. So much so that when I pumpled out the holding tak yesterday, everyone thought it would be funny to take photos of me! Not Happy! Aparently I also get distracted by animals WAY too much- according to Val! One in particular is the raccoon. Everyone here thinks Im crazy for having an infactuation for raccoons, especially my roomi Anne (love you babe x) whom has a particular hatred towards the “little scaverngers”. Apparently in America raccoons are pests!! Anyway on a particular day last week Tim and I were on a raccoon stake out (Ok so I dragged him along!) and we heard some sounds coming from the big bin (aka dumpster for you americans!) outside the dining hall. We knew it was a raccoon that must of gotten stuck, but Tim wanted to leave it in there! No way! So with alot of skill I flicked the lid off the bin with a broom and we jumped back to await the raccoons esacpe (well I jumped back, Tim was already 3 metres behind me filming as he was scared of the ‘rabid’ raccoons! – sorry Tim but maybe you’ll think twice before you take photos of me emptying the holding tank next time grrrr!) . After 10 minutes of waiting and still no little raccoon emergered I climb onto another bin to get a better look. Inside the bin was not 1 raccoon, but 6 raccoons! And they were sooo cute! We took loads of photos of them, one in particular which is now my screen saver on my computer, which I’ll attempt to upload onto here. At one stage I was jumping up and down from the bin with my geeky little head lamb and a broom and some americans walked past looking at us like we were crazy! They’re like “Raccoons?” and proceeded to shake their head and walk away. I put the broom inside the bin so they would have something to climb up, to escape (they made fairly vicious noises when I did this! I think they were attacking the broom!) and we resumed out position on the opposite bin so we could see what they were doing. They climbed the skinny broom one at a time until they reached the top of the bin and proceeded to climb along the fence (quickly) in our general direction. Tim whom was already sketchy about the situation in general proceeds to yell “Jump Ash, jump!” which totally freaked me out, so we jumped over this massive (we I’m only small!) fence in order to escape these supposably ‘blood thirsty’ raccoons and ran for a bit up this hill. From there we watched the rest of the family escape the bin (despite Tims disgust, who had had enough raccoon fun for the night) before closing the lid so no other cutie raccoons could get stuck. The end!

P.s use think I’m crazy for liking raccoons? Well I sent the photos to my aunt (whom LOVES raccoons) and she blew them up A4 size and carries them around in her purse heheheh

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