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Beginning in 2008, Beam Reach partnered with Ballard/Seattle-based Biosonics Incorporated to conduct hydroacoustic surveys in the critical habitat of the southern resident killer whales. Mobile surveys were conducted were first conducted during the spring, 2008, Beam Reach program using a 200kHz downward-looking split-beam echosounder. Through a collaboration with The Whale Museum, the same system was deployed on a fixed tripod and cabled to a remote monitoring station housed within the lighthouse at Lime Kiln State Park.

Preliminary results from the 2008 deployments were presented as posters at the 2009 Puget Sound Georgia Basin Conference in Seattle (Feb 9, 2009). Digital copies of the posters will be available after the conference:

  • Hydroacoustic assessment of the prey field for killer whales in Haro Strait (Scott Veirs*, Brian Moore, Bob McClure, Robert Otis, Jason Wood and Val Veirs)
  • Biosonics poster title and authors