Fall 2007 mother+calf localization

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Synopsis and analysis of the mother-brother-calf encounter on September 1, 2007, in which we documented SRKW call exchange by localizing calls from the widely-separated individuals. The results were presented at the ASA meeting in Paris by Val Veirs via this PowerPoint presentation and this Flash-based animation in which the blue dot represents the calf's position and the red dot (initially off-screen) represents the mother and/or brother.

Here's a working directory... and a Google spreadsheet of event time line.

Need to add: Images of the relevant science logbook entry and field notes.

Other examples of orca communication?

  • NRKW call exchange? (from [http://www.dosits.org/gallery/marinemm/8.htm DOSITS): "Orca mother and calf recorded in Johnston Strait, Vancouver, BC. You can hear the mother calling to her calf, the calf responding and the mother calling again. Sound courtesy of Tom Kieckhefer & Pacific Cetacean Group"
  • 051 calf calls?
  • automatically recorded calf-like calls from Orcasound hydrophone node?