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Beam Reach hydrophones

  • Arrays
    • 4-element linear array (LabCore Systems, Lon Brockelhurst)

Though these are not calibrated, they are the same model as the elements in a similar array that was calibrated by Marla Holt. (Add her calibration curves here?)

    • 8-element beamforming array from Mike Dougherty (not operational)
  • Single hydrophones (this should probably become or be supplemented by a Google spreadsheet)
    • Calibrated (see response curves below)
      • Interoceans (used courtesy Colorado College)
      • C54XRS (from Cetacean Research Technologies)

Calibration curves: C54XRS response curve

      • ITCs
      • other CRTs
      • sonobuoys/Brent's
      • Mike's singles
      • etc...

Wish list of other hydrophones

(Will review above as we try these out...)

Hydrophone comparison matrix