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Beam Reach hydrophones

  • Arrays
    • 4-element linear array (Lab40 model from LabCore Systems, Lon Brockelhurst) Though these are not calibrated, they are the same model as the elements in a similar array that was calibrated by Marla Holt. (Add her calibration curves here?)
    • 8-element beamforming array from Mike Dougherty (not operational)
  • Single hydrophones (this should probably become or be supplemented by a Google spreadsheet)
    • Uncalibrated
      • ITCs
      • other CRTs
      • sonobuoys/Brent's
      • Mike's singles
      • etc...
    • Calibrated (see response curves below)
      • Interoceans (used courtesy Colorado College)
      • C54XRS (from Cetacean Research Technologies)

Calibrated response curves (all by Joe Olson at Keyport facility):

C54XRS Interoceans902e LabCore 40 (one of Marla Holt's, but same model as those used by Beam Reach)

Wish list of other hydrophones

(Will review above as we try these out...)

Hydrophone comparison matrix Naxys eHyd digital hydrophone (PDF spec sheet extracted from Aloha mooring description .doc)