Localization at the Lime Kiln acoustic observatory

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In 2009, a new hydrophone array was deployed in Lime Kiln State Park as part of the SeaSound project of The Whale Museum. Here we describe the array and track our efforts to localize sounds within it.

The array consists of two experimental nodes: a northern one with hydrophones mounted on cement-filled tires and spaced ~8m apart; and a more rigid southern one also with 4 hydrophones, but located ~400m along-shore. The north node also hosts a Reson hydrophone that is calibrated and has a flat response over the full range of frequencies in killer whale calls, whistles, and clicks.

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Locations (WGS84):

  • North Array located ~ N 48.51564, W 123.15326
  • South Array located ~ N 48.51306, W 123.15011
  • Lime Kiln light house ~ N 48.51578, W 123.15261