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== Science ==
*[http://biosonicsinc.com Echosounder]
*[[Fish tags and receivers]]
*[[Recording hardware]]
*[http://beamreach.org/071/data/ fall 2007 data directory]
*fall 2006, fall 2005...
*[http://beamreach.org/wiki/index.php?title=sound-data all sounds]
*[http://beamreach.org/gallery/ all images]
*how to archive video?
On-going group research projects:
<li> [[localization tests]]
<li> [[Vocalization attributable to individual whales]]
<li> [[Biosonics echosounder]]
<li> [[Ling cod acoustic tagging]
<li> [[Automated photo identification]]
<li> [[Puget Soundscape]]
<li> [http://orcasound.net Salish Sea hydrophone network] (Collaboration with the Whale Museum and others)
Space for individual research projects (e.g. [http://beamreach.org/externships externships])
<li> Your project here?
'''Published or public results'''
<li> [http://www.beamreach.org/your-research-project-details.html Past student research papers and presentations]
<li> [[fall 2007 science synopsis]]
<li> [[Source level of calls from Southern resident killer whales]] (Val Veirs and Scott Veirs, 2005)
<li> [[Ambient noise in killer whale critical habitat]] (Val Veirs and Scott Veirs, 2006; 2008)
<li> [[Commercial shipping noise in Haro Strait]] (Scott Veirs and Val Veirs, 2006)
<li> [[fall 2007 mother+calf localization]]
<li> Information theory applied to southern resident killer whale calls (Kenna Lehmann et al., 2008)
== Sustainability ==
== Sustainability ==

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