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Gathering the data that are analyzed and presented here!

Beam Reach wiki

A wiki supporting research projects of the Beam Reach Marine Science and Sustainability School.




Links to Beam Reach science narratives, logs, and raw data. Not all raw data files are available on line (as of winter 2010); please contact us with requests to upload audio files of interest you find in the narratives or logs. You may find valuable context (e.g. photos, audio) in the associated science blogbook posts, though the text is the same as the narrative entries.

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Published or public results


Tidal power monitoring

Orca-boat rules

Ship quieting technology

Pile driving noise and mitigation

Oil spill and ship collision prevention

Rational design of marine protected areas in the San Juan Archipelago

Salmon conservation and dam removal

Salmon - killer whale connections

Salish Sea sonar chronology

Sustainability ship design

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Sustainability reports

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