Ship quieting technology

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Information about technologies that have been proven to reduce underwater noise in ships and boats. The emphasis here should be on practical solutions that make economic sense to boat owners.

Thanks to Brandon Southall of NOAA for coordinating the conferences on this subject and for distilling much of these data and resources! As I wrote to him, "It would be *great* if there were some case studies that include cost/benefit analysis of particular quieting technologies (including practical manufacturer-model-number-type specifics)." Let's try to focus on such information here.


  • Endangered southern resident killer whales use sound for communication and foraging
  • Ships and boats dominate the noise budget within killer whale critical habitat
  • It is relatively feasible to mitigate the risk of acoustic impacts (compared with salmon depletion and persistent pollutants)
    • Recreational retrofits are possible
    • Commercial whale watching vessels could be quieted
    • WA State ferries are being replaced
    • Commercial ships transit critical habitat ~20 times/day

International workshops and agreements

Ships (large vessels)

Boats (small vessels)