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This is a place to assess and improve the sustainable practices and technologies utilized by Beam Reach. Place new information in the categories below or create a new category for your efforts.

(Make sure you create an account so that we can track your contribution. Then start editing, uploading files, and reading the FAQ to learn new wiki-skills...)

Our green ship: Gato Verde

Energy generation: a biodiesel-electric propulsion system Energy sources: biodiesel, propane, lamp oil, batteries, regeneration under sail (Should we have a wind turbine? Photovoltaic panels? A fuel cell?)

Water source(s): Water use(s): hydration, washing (dishes) Water fates: grey water

Sewage system title=Sewage in the sea

Solid waste: Trash, recycling

Quiet underwater signature: pro driv

Terrestrial home: Friday Harbor Labs and San Juan Island

Food production and choices Lacrover Farm Vegetarians and carnivores

Water supply: at FHL, on SJI, in particular neighborhoods (salt water intrusion and desalination) Water uses: showers, laundry, hydration)