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Before the Community Wide Web , investors had to call up a broker to uncover the present price regarding stocks or appear up yesterday's closing quotes in the paper. Today, store prices are available on finance internet site all over the Internet . Even better, you may add some widget to your own Web page that will show the value of stocks or indexes that you pick.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless Instructions

1 Make use of your browser to locate any stock widget that displays the kind about information you would like to display at your website. A widget is small bit of HTML code that is performs some handy perform on some web page. Sites like Yahoo Widgets, SaneBull and StockWidgets.net provide you with a wide variety about monetary widgets. Browse widgets by category or use the site search tool to look for special widgets of attention.

2 Click the "Secure Widget" or a similarly-named button to begin the installation process. The installation procedure will vary depending on the widget you choose and what type regarding web site you have. Follow the instructions supplied by means of each widget. With example, when downloading monetary widgets from Yahoo Widgets, you'll be asked to download any small program called Yahoo Installer to help the process.

3 Install the widget on your website. The code may be posted automatically after you provide the URL of the page wherever you'd like to display the widget or you may be needed to copy and paste the HTML code directly onto your site. On some internet site where the code is added to the page automatically, you may possibly be capable to reposition the widget by means of mousing throughout the widget, then left-click, hold, and drag the widget to any new position.