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Beam Reach slang

As Hannah McGowan articulated in spring, 2009, "Whenever a bunch of young people from all over the place end up being together for an extended period of time slang gets slung into the mix and eventually the group ends up with its own home-brewed vocabulary." This phenomena seems to be catalyzed by the process of going to sea.

During the very first program in fall, 2005, many participants adopted Pirate Speak. You, too, can learn to:

Talk like a pirate

In spring, 2009, many embraced and developed a breed of lingo that is preserved (thank to Hannah!) in the 091 Dictionary:

  • Bia!- yes; sweet; let's go do it!
  • Bah- bummer
  • dB re 1 micro-Pascal- Does anyone know what this means?
  • Dinker- pretty teeny
  • Fantastic- (this must be said very dramatically) Hilaryspeak for Excellent
  • Flippy Floppies- What you wear when you're 'sailin on a boat'
  • micropasta- Couscous
  • Roni- the best suffix in existence; anything cylindrical
  • SeaNinjas- Killer whales
  • Sluze- how slugs move; a sleezy loser; girls who get free drinks regularly
  • SpaceVal- Obi-Wan Kenobi