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If you have ever thought about quitting or boast tried also failed, the electronic cigarette e cigarette reviews may help you reduce your nicotine cravings also quit smoking. E-Cigs are electronic smoking devices that use tar-free cartridges plus provide the smoking encounter without the cancer-causing agents, fire, carbon monoxide and odor. E-Cig pioneer manufacturer Smoking Everywhere generates odorless smoking agents with cartridges that final any equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes. You must be with smallest 18 to obtain E-Cigs. Starter kits cost about $30 and upwards; a pack regarding five cartridges starts by $10 (as of January 2011).

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


2 Charge the E-Cig's lithium battery. Connect the E-Cig cartridge to the butt. Your E-Cig will start producing a steam-for example substance that appear like smoke, nonetheless is just vapor.

3 Seek support. Ask for assist from your buddy, family and E-Cig smokers online. Although E-Cig provides you with any smaller dose of nicotine other than cigarettes, it is frequently difficult to quit smoking "frigid turkey." Look for Web for e-smoker forums to help you obtain the support you need to stop smoking (see Resources).

Tips & Cautions

As regarding January 2011, no safety precautions obtain been issued with E-cigarettes, which lack law, labeling also scientific research. Smokers should be on the lookout for new studies also developments regarding each side effects regarding E-Cig employ. Smoking Everywhere states that its product contains "drinking water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a smell that imitates tobacco flavor" and that is testing demonstrates that it includes no known cancer-causing agents.


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