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These are the best feeling sandals with a heel that I have ever purchased. I love these rhinestone heels. I can't usually wear any type of shoe with a heel on it because my feet get very sore. I have arthritis and diabetis so it is very important that I wear good shoes with support. I am a teacher so I am on my feet most of the day. I bought these shoes after my 5 year old grandaughter got a pair and wore them every day. She wore them everywhere including to the bsrn to feed horses. It amazed me that she chose to wear these when she had what appeared to be more comfortable choices. I liked the classical look of this shoe so when I found them in a store in adult sizes, I tried them on. They didn't have my size (8) in the store, so I tried a 7 on. I could tell that the bottom support felt good, I knew I would need an 8, but they felt good enough on my feet that I decided I would buy them and try them for all day wear. So, I immediatley came home got on Amazon and found them for a much better price in my size. Needless to say, I bought these shoes. After receiving them I have worn them many times and can honestley tell you they are the most comfortable sandals with a heel. If you are thinking about buying this sandal-it is well worth the money. You won't be sorry. I only wish I could buy some fall and winter shoes with a heel that felt this good.

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