Class 061 home: fall 2006

Research theme: Acoustic exploration of orcas and their environment
Dates: August 21 to October 29, 2006 (10 weeks)

Highlights: San Juan Journal article about the student talks


Colleen Barry Determining patterns of whistle use in southern resident killer whales
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (42Mb)
Rena Escobedo Surface behaviors of southern resident killer whales: Are they responding to vessel noise?
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (48Mb)
Peggy Foreman Localizing vocalizations in southern resident killer whales: A look at gender differences
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (12Mb)
Juliette Nash Behavior and acoustic relationships: The significance of shared calls in the southern resident killer whales
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (2Mb)
Emily Pierson Analysis of the ability of boat noise to mask killer whale communication through modeling
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk (27Mb)
Erin Soucy Patterns of southern resident killer whale movement in relation to tides and currents
Qs | Proposal | Paper | Talk


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