Class 112 home: 2011 fall

Research theme: Acoustic exploration of orcas and their environment
Dates: Sunday August 21 – Saturday October 29 (10 weeks)


Laura Moe, Eckerd College
Variations in S6, S10, and S19 calls in Southern Resident Killer Whales
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Sharon Bannick, Colorado State University
Movement and Surface Active Behavior of Southern Resident Killer Whales in Response to Current Velocity and Salinity
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Charla Basran, University of British Columbia
Correlating Southern Resident Orca Sightings with Pacific Salmon Densities
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Hayley Dorrance, University of New Mexico
Can clicks tell us anything about the foraging behavior of the southern resident Orcinus orca?
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The fall 2011 class initiated our long-term monitoring project at Lime Kiln lighthouse, a collaboration with The Whale Museum, and made the first simultaneous observations of surface biology (environmental variables, including temperature and salinity, as well as phytoplankton sampling), underwater biology (using a Splashcam), and underwater sound. We also helped Jason Wood of SMRU and The Whale Museum test and deploy a set of CPODS to complement our surface surveys for harbor porpoises, Dall’s porpoises, and Pacific White-sided dolphins. It was particularly gratifying to observe schools of migrating salmon, forage fish, and bottom fish on the underwater camera.