I would like to start this entry by stating that I would like to give Ken Balcomb a hug and say *Thank You* for your 30 years of legwork, figuring out all these little details about the whales so that I get to ask a more interesting question for my Beam Reach project (as well as for the rest of what will become my lifelong research).
But before I get too far ahead of myself…
Yesterday, was Packed! Classes involving math, caused a brain shut down in the AM – been a while since that happened. It’s the management math I had to do for wildlife bio, so I know I can do it, it’s just a matter working slowly and practice. Anywhoo, guest that afternoon was Bob Francis. Interesting lecture about Sustainability. Sustainability is one of those fascinating and immensely frustrating topics that get my jaded self all pissed off and disgusted at the egocentricity of Humanity.
Dinner was lovely, we all cooked – Val and Leslie brought salad, Donna made zucchini lasanga, I made garlic bread (cheesy and regular) and Erin made Apple crisp! The chatter round the table fun interesting and thought provoking. It was nice, and made me miss folks…

Today we went to the Center for Whale Research, and that was pretty darn nifty. They have an absolutely superb system for doing thier photo ID on the computers… I need to really start working on learning these whales… Ken Balcomb gave us a bit of the history of it all,and that was really nice, because he filled in the gaps I had in the USA side of my knowledge (since I’ve always focused on the Northern residents). I’d love to sit down and really chat with him at some point, so hopefully we’ll get another chance to hang out over there.

okie dokie, well that’s about it. Night all! pics soon!

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