I’d forgotten a couple other fun things:

When we first hung out at Val’s house, (week 1) Fred Felleman dropped by and gave a really interesting talk on the politics of whale research and legislation. Definately someone to keep in touch with, as legislation has always been on great interest to me, despite it’s frustrations and heartbreak.

Also, Sunday evening, we had ourselves a movie night in G-cottage! We snagged the projector from Donna and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (TB version!) Johnny Depp, is brilliant, but sometimes creepy. Very fun evening had by all, and a very welcome end to a long day of finishing the rough draft of my research proposal!

This morning I got my first 6:45am phone call! It was from Cynthia, who’d just gotten home from Portugal! She didn’t realize I was out here and there was a 3hr difference.. hehe. Luckily, shes one of my best buddies, so I’ll forgive her :).
I also got mail from Allie!! That made the day even better – and Allie, if you read this – your card certainly did serve it’s porpoise! Thank you!!!


  1. Allie!

    August 30th, 2006 at 12:38

    lol I’m so glad it served it’s purpose. There is more to come. I just have to find a moment to get to the post office!! I wonder if there is a way to mail you a piece of my birthday cake? I miss you oodles but wave to an orca for me. <3

  2. Cynthia

    September 6th, 2006 at 01:32

    Hey…. uh… how bad IS that math that you’re doing? Really bad? I’m getting kinda nervous about the academic expectations of the program…. especially the math-ness…..

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