I am Done baby!

I would like to announce that at 10:48pm my paper presentation and everything else was DONE!!! WhooHoo!

I spent the last 3 nights working until 3am! It was great. Research is cool. Analysis is cool. Significant results are even cooler – but no luck this time. I have faith though! I still have confidence that theres something about those S10’s. I like em. They’re high pitched and squeaky, and kind of sounds like a balloon being squeaked or rubbed together. But I like it.

I can’t wait to start another project… or even continue with parts of this one.

I can definately see why some scientists let thier data sit for a while instea ofgoing at it all at once. I mean I personally wouldnt have the patience to let mine sit and wait for too long, but taking it all in two weeks like this… too hectic. I feel like I need to go through it all again slowly, so I can really focus and really do a thourough job. I think I did well with this one, but I could have done it better and really fine tuned it.

My methodology was a mess and my PDA needed that milling button. Screw simpicity. That was advice I should have never taken. I knew what I needed and it turns out I was right. I’m not bitter, because I made enough mistakes on my own that it’s moot.

My goals have been solidified though. I’m content with who I am and who I’m ging to be. I can’t wait to get on with this next step! I’m hopefully meeting with Dr. Ford at UBC either n the 30th, 31st, or maybe 1st.

My parents got in tonight, and we went out for dinner. I had a chocolate martini, and dad and I split a seafood dish and a steak. YUM!!! Oh my god, I had missed food. I mean the food here was good, but there is more to life than zucchini and starches, and I love it! I cannot wait to get home and cook in MY kitchen. with my utensils and my pots and pans and my Gas stove – not to mention all my favorite ingredients!!!
Anyways, mum and dad brought me my fabulous fuschia dress and black heels!! I’m not a dress girl except for the occasional day, but it is Soooo nice to be in something other than Jeans!

It is the little things! like getting to curl up with my kitten next friday when I get home. And being able to call friends who have cell phones other than Verizon during the week and at decent hours.

I’ll miss the whales though. and the blankets of green moss. and the mist.

and speaking of blankets… I’m presenting in 9 hrs!! EEp! bedtime 🙂

night all!


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