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Busy, busy, busy

We’re finishing off the last few days of week 8.  I can hardly believe that there are only 2 more weeks left!  There is so much to do between now and the 27th.  Luckily data analysis is finally starting to go well after a mess of computer problems earlier in the week.  I have no idea how many calls I have identified but I’m pretty sure I havn’t quite got the 3654 that I need to do the upper levels of organization so I will most likely end up simply doing zipf’s statistic, which is fine with me.  It takes a surprizing amount of time to ID all the calls in a one minute file.  I have some serious respect for all those researchers out there that have worked with such huge call samples.  I wish I had a lab full of undergrads to put to work.

Unfortunatly I am not really looking forward to getting back on the boat.  I know I won’t be able to get much work done with my data (since i need two computers) and I think that is going to be hanging over my head all week.  Hopefully we’ll get some more Dall’s to lighten me up a bit and I’ll be able to enjoy the last week on the boat as the calm before the storm of things I’ll have to do after we get off.

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