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Hellllllo!  This is my first post (kudos to Scott for setting me up!).  In little under a month I will be returning to San Juan Island as a Naturalist for San Juan Safaris (SJS).  I’m very excited.  In the mean time, I have papers to write and finals to take!  It’s always great reaching the end of spring semester, especially with 75-80 degree weather to remind you that you’re almost finished!  Anywhoo.  I just wanted to give this thing a whirl…..more to come! Over and out,Nicole   

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Sailing dinghy sighted at Friday Harbor Labs!


Row boats have graced the docks of the Friday Harbor Labs for many decades. To me, they have always offered a heart-warming counterpoint to the academic intensity of the Labs. After a day spent inside studying the oceans’ creatures with pipettes, microscopes, and computers, the row boat fleet beckons to the simple scientist, offering a chance to reconnect physically with the sea, marine history, and maritime language. An added appeal of the row boats is the possibility of making it to town or around the Harbor under your own power.

This spring, thanks to the good fortune and generosity of Beam Reach instructor Jason Wood, a wind-powered vessel supplemented the maritime scene down on the FHL docks. Jason inherited a sailing dinghy this winter from a neighbor on the west side of the Island. With a little rust-busting assistance from instructor Val Veirs, the mighty (little) Ciprid was deployed for the first time this spring as a sail training vessel.


So, Beam Reach students now have two ways to experience sustainable transport technologies and to train for navigating our 42′ sailing research vessel, the Gato Verde. I’m pleased these intrepid vessels are available to strengthen our curriculum early in each program.

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