Best. Day. Ever!

Right now we’re currently anchored in Snug Harbor where we can borrow internet from the mainland and I couldn’t resist signing on and forwarding some pictures. I’ll have more details to come since internet access is limited and I have tons of work to do, but I had to share the potentially best day I’ve EVER had. Let me name the reasons: an incredibly gorgeous sunset last night segued into a peaceful, foggy morning today. We started our day seeing minke whales and an adorable baby harbor seal swimming around the boat, and trying to climb up our back stairs. We moved on to see orcas, lots and lots of orcas!
My favorite part was seeing a mom and calf interact and play around–it was amazing to see how curious and playful the calf was! Plus we heard orcas vocalizing in AND out of the water and saw so many(/much) peck flaps, tail slaps, spy hopping, breaches, playing around, nuzzling, familial bonding…The Southern residents were definitely out and about!
Our day ended with a stellar sea lion and both Harbor and Dahl’s porpoises, who were bow riding on another boat, on our way back. To top it all off? Mac and cheese and chocolate chips this evening! Seriously. You cannot top the day we had with the marine wildlife, especially the orcas. They are clearly such intelligent and playful animals, I’m continually amazed and awed and inspired by these beautiful creatures. I cannot believe this is my life right now.
Sorry I just word vomited out this amazing day. Everyone has been getting some great data for their projects, and I just couldn’t keep this day to myself!


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