San Juan Islands music videos

Kid Daytona at Lime Kiln lighthouse

Kid Daytona at Lime Kiln lighthouse

While you can get a good sense of the Beam Reach program through the highlight video from fall 2010 or spring 2010, Erin Corra pointed us towards another fun way to get a sense of the San Juan Islands: music videos! The following two were filmed on or above San Juan Island and include some good scenery from Friday Harbor, American Camp National Monument, inland roads and forests, favorite beaches, Kenmore Air float planes, WA State ferries, and local lighthouses — including the Lime Kiln lighthouse at the Whale Watch State Park.

This year we’ll be putting new efforts into using video to share the Beam Reach experience, so consider this inspiration and a prelude…

On the Hill by Kid Daytona

(Not his intent, I think, but the lyrics could apply to the dichotomy between summer home owners and year-round residents of the Islands!)

Ima Do Me by The Good Husbands

Too bad neither video included much wild life footage, especially of the killer whales!

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