Sustainability Science – Why Care?

What exactly is sustainability science, and why is it important?  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sustainability is societies ability to meet its current needs in addition to protecting the ability of subsequent generations to meet their own needs. Individuals in society seem to understand the importance of securing resources not only to satisfy their current needs, but also the future needs of their descendants.  As individuals and family units, the value of sustainability is immeasurable.  Parents and grandparents alike safeguard resources needed to provide adequate care to meet the demands of their offspring.  As a society however, we often ignore the impact that our decisions have on those immediately around us, as well as worldwide.  This encompasses not only the impact societies decisions have on the human population, but all creatures that share the earths resources with us.

Science is defined as systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.  Throughout the last few decades it has become increasingly evident that in order for society to maintain the luxuries and lifestyles it has grown accustomed to, it must defend the environment in which it occupies.  Through exploiting minerals, plants, water sources, and animals; we often destroy our most precious and valuable resources.  As we continue to gain knowledge about the world around us, it is palpable that sustainability is a science.  Sustainability science requires discipline, and understanding about an ever-changing world and all of it’s components.  Through understanding, defending, and caring for the resources we often take for granted, we protect the ability of subsequent generations to meet their own needs.  It is obvious that sustainability science is essential to ensuring the survival and success of all populations.

If we do not practice sustainability science now, where will we be in the future?

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