A Beam Reach First

As all the 112 Beam Reach students (Sharon, Laura, Hayley, and Charla) can recall the phrase we heard the most was “this never happens” or “this is a first”.  After hearing it a few times we decided to keep track of all the so called “firsts” for Beam Reach.

  1. Seeing a fire truck and an ambulance zooming through campus – “This never happens at Friday Harbor Labs!”
  2. First year observing at Lime Kiln – “You are the first Beam Reach class to be able to use the Lime Kiln as a research base… so now you get to clean the acoustic shed, YEAH!”
  3. Residing in T2 (with carpet) compared to S1 – “This is a first, we have only had S1 in the past…and there is carpet!”
  4. Most organized and clean group of students – “Your dishes are so organized all the time; this is a first for Beam Reach.”
  5. Most whale days – “You guys are so lucky this never happens.”

    Breaching Southern Resident

  6. Most Dall’s porpoise off the bow – “It’s rare to NOT see Dall’s but never this much.”
  7. First Canadian – “Charla is the first Canadian to be a part of Beam Reach – CONGRATS!”
  8. First conference (Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference) – “This is the first time Beam Reach is going to a conference and presenting posters”
  9. Lunch with John Ford – “I bet this is a first for Beam Reach, lunch with a science celebrity… John Ford!”
  10. Most rainbows (single and double) – “Want another Beam Reach first… the most rainbows!”

Students collecting data at Lime Kiln








After an eventful quarter at sea collecting data we finally had the opportunity to analyze it and see our results.  We presented posters at the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in Vancouver, Canada.  We, the students, presented posters, talked with many scientists, and sat in on 3 days of presentations.  We were all extremely blessed to have received this opportunity as it has helped in networking and giving us a glimpse in the scientific world.  We will now all go our separate ways, but we will never forget the Beam Reach experience!

Sharon with poster at Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference



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