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Welcome to Friday Harbor!

After a very long, ten day road trip, which began in Tucson, Arizona, I finally made it to Friday Harbor on the island of San Juan! My new home for the next ten weeks, the Friday Harbor Labs, is full of friendly people, sumptuous food, and a never-ending list of things to explore , like scenic running trails and quaint rowboats. Friday Harbor is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I am so excited to embark on this enriching adventure with my new wonderful friends, Jamey, Breanna, Taya, Phinn, and Dana!

Me, Dana, Jamey, Breanna, Taya, and Phinn on our first excursion to Lime Kiln

Class began on Monday, March 26 and has thus far been very interesting. We have learned quite a bit about killer whales and have just touched on the topic of sustainability science. Sustainability science does not have one set definition, but can be somewhat described as a combination of preserving the environment throughout the developments of the human population and improving scientific practices to sustain society. It is not only viewed through an environmental perspective, but also economically and socially. I found a description of sustainability science in a recently read paper to be rather enticing: enhancing human prosperity while protecting the Earth’s life support systems and reducing hunger and poverty. I felt that the emphasis on human prosperity in addition to protecting the environment was really cool!

Outside of the curriculum, I have had some great bonding time with my new friends. The six of us have managed to explore town, the rowboats, and the food menu, and are hoping that our upcoming adventures will provoke much more laughter and prove to be even more exciting!

Friday Harbor Labs

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