3 generations vocalizing

I can’t believe I have been here this long and i haven’t blogged! Well, this last week was almost a dud. We were afraid we were never going to find the whales because this is the end of the season and the whale pager has stopped as of the 1st of October. But luckily the whale watching community is tight and we encountered L-pod on friday and got some excellent data of 3-generations vocalizing. We followed the grandma, mother and newborn calf for most of the afternoon and got some great acoustic and behavioral data. Mostly though this week will stand out in my head as the week of bow-riding Dahls porpoises. At one point there was a group of about 10 of them playing around our boat. (Of course this is right before we ripped the sail…..oops!) We had some major wind gusts and got some good sailing practice in after we hung out with the whales for a few. All in all I think we salvaged the week pretty well. Time for a shower and laundry!

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