The Transboundary Naturalists workshop

Standing room only

Standing room only

On Monday and Tuesday this week we attended the Transboundary Naturalists workshop.  While we made our way from Seattle’s Aquarium out to Port Townsend in some very densely packed vehicles, Val and Jason sailed down on Val’s boat from the San Juan Islands.  Captain Todd drove down to Bellingham and we all got to listen to the latest findings in killer whales science, as well as updates on new regulations and enforcement.

IMG_7976The pace of lectures and networking opportunities was intense and the final agenda (PDF) read like a who’s-who of southern resident killer whale experts.  We were able to meet and ask questions of some of the old guard, like Ken Balcomb and John Ford, as well as a bunch of talented youg researchers.  At meals and a Monday night reception, we met many of the naturalists who work aboard whale watch vessels, as well as the vessels’ drivers and owners.  With luck, all these contacts will prove useful — either during proposal development in the next few weeks on land, or at sea when we will need help locating the whales and cooperation while studying them.

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