Wolf Hollow: Service Project

Hilary and I hard at work

Hilary and I hard at work

Friday Harbor and the San Juan community is giving so much to the Beam Reach students. We are being housed, fed, and learning so much. It’s only fair for us to try and give something back to the community. Yesterday, April 15th, Hilary, Matt and I volunteered at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Wolf Hollow rehabilitates injured or orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. They also put a lot of emphasis on public education about the importance of wildlife and their habitat. They house many different animals throughout the year including river otters, seals, deer, numerous kinds of birds and other animals found on the island.

One of Wolf Hollow’s current projects has been rebuilding the Eagle Flight Enclosure. The previous flight enclosure collapsed in winter of 2006 from heavy snow. Now the new design is almost finished! The three of us spent all morning helping prepare the new structure for it’s grand opening this coming Saturday, April 18th.

Matt and Hilary pulling out nails We started out the morning raking a mulch path alongside the enclosure for people to walk on. The ground was still pretty muddy from all of the construction and the mulch path will make it much easier for people to walk along the new facility on Saturday. When we were done with that we removed the old nails from the wood that used to make up the old structure before it collapsed. We removed all of the nails and stacked the wood in another area on the lot to possibly be utilized again. Then Hilary and I painted the doors of the enclosure while Matt mowed the lawn in front of Wolf Hollow.

I really enjoyed my morning at Wolf Hollow and look forward to volunteering for another morning later in the quarter. For more information about Wolf Hollow and more details on what they do you can visit their website.  http://www.wolfhollowwildlife.org/

Getting ready to paint

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