Sounding the depths of Admiralty Inlet

Port Townsend to Port Townsend
(Marine Science Center to Boat Haven)

Departed Port Townsend after breakfast at about 8:00.  Arriving out at Admiralty Inlet, both Jason and Scott performed their SnowPud experiment with lightbulbs and a hydrophone array.  Scott, along with Nora and Libby, set out on the small dinghy, the Gatito.  Taping lightbulbs at 10 meters apart from each other on a marked rope, it was lowered into to the water with the help of a weight.  A hydrophone array was lowered on the starboard side of the Gato Verde, where Jason was stationed to prepare to record.  A shackle with a weight would be sent down the lightbulbed rope, hoping to break all the lightbulbs.  The sounds would be recorded by the hydrophone array at 100m, 200m, and 400m distance.  Being in Admiralty Inlet made it difficult to perform exact distances, plus some lightbulbs did not break.  Recordings were still taken.  Docking at Boat Haven, Port Townsend Marina, we pumped out and charged the boat.

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